Day 104: Obolon Velvet beer

Slavic velvet is the order of the day today. Nothing better than some smooth velvety slav. Amirite? Did anyone else notice the sudden appearance of Ukrainian beer on the shelves shortly after the  russian military presence in Crimea?

Tonight we ride into the valley of beer. Or something equally cringeworthy.

Cracks me up how the velvet label makes it look like soda. Unfortunately its not just the bottle and label that gives the impression of soda. This beer might as well be one of the bottles of home brew I made 20 years ago and never bothered  to drink. It’s pretty bad. 

Dammit. I had high hopes. Ok maybe not really high but better than this you know. Bugger it I don’t even have another beer in the fridge to wash out the taste of this one.

Shameful. I’m going to have to quick chill something worth drinking and have that instead.


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