Day 107: Craftwork Flander sour red ale

So far Craftwork has been fracking outstanding. The current winning sour is another Craftwork beer. So it will be interesting to see if they can best their own record.

Red sours  are made in West Flanders and some of you may know the link between NZ and Flanders through the kiwis contribution in the 1st world war. Now 100 years later we can commemorate our shared heritage with this beer. 

Let’s see if the bottle stands up to such big asks.

Sour cherries. Smokey barrel. Chocolate nibs. Multiple yeast strains add complexity. Blah blah. I know what you’re thinking: “chocolate? whatever…”  let me promise you. While not added directly there’s definitely a character of coco nibs. It’s like a black forest cake in beer form. It’s balanced well for a sour. There’s malt character too. As usual for Craftwork sour its a collection of eclectic components that works. 

It’s not going to push through to top spot. But if a beer gateaux sounds like a win for you then that’s a win isn’t it.


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