Day 109:Good George brewing Rock road Black stout

Good golly good George that last stout (a white stout) was a worry. How will you fare this evening? Colour looks good. Head is stiff and brown. Who doesn’t love that! Not to mention viscous and opaque. I’ve still got a “best stout” spot to fill. Is tonight the night?

Hold on. Ima need a fork for this beer. It’s not just viscous. It’s practically pseudoplastic, or even… viscoelastic?. This bad boy has the properties of a solid! 

If you’re looking for a block of dark chocolate but secretly need it to actually be a beer. This ones got you sorted.


This things so heavy it’s got its own atmosphere.

Big? How big is it?

This beer is so huge tonight’s picture was taken with Google earth

How massive is it?

It’s got mass whether or not the Higgs boson exists.

One more? Ok one more.

How massive is it?

This beers so massive Matthew McConaughey’s children grow 1 year older for every minute he spends near its surface.
Mike drop.


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